PDFs Added for 215 and 195

Added PDF Manuals for the 195 Preamp and the 215 Power Amp

195 Preamp Catalog

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Groovy T-Shirt

Saw this at Salvation Army. Resistance was futile...

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.01 Cap Replacement

Here is my latest work on one of my .01 units. Used copper buss wire for lowest distortion.

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198/A Preamp page posted

Thanks again to Chuck for providing the 198/a docs. They are posted.

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Thank You!

Thanks to Chuck for his contribution of 198/a preamp docs! Stay tuned for the posting.

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Beware those who enter the realm…

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215 Schematic added

Also  have unearthed paperwork for the equalizer and compressor/expander. Will post soon.

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Tigersaurus Page Completed

Just posted the “arc welder with inputs” Tigersaurus page. I started on the 215 page but am still searching for docs for it.

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.01 Page Completed

I have completed work on the .01 page. In the next few days I will be posting information on the 215a and Tigersaurus amps. I am looking for docs for the 215a, but have a full packet for the Tigersaurus. Also coming – tips on taming (tuning) these monsters, and a report on the (soon to be) famous Uncle Fester Dim Bulb Tester!

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Welcome to TigersThatRoar

TigersThatRoar is dedicated to preserving the history of Southwest Technical audio equipment, and providing tips for collectors are restorers. Over time I will be presenting more and more content. My goal is to provide as much information as possible on each item, including construction details, magazine articles, photos, tech how-tos, and web resources. Stay tuned!

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