215 Schematic added

Also  have unearthed paperwork for the equalizer and compressor/expander. Will post soon.

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  1. Tony Piecoro says:

    Just scored a SWTPC model 215 stereo amp in almost mint condition and a SWTPC compressor/expander which is also near mint but does not work. I think I have searched everywhere on the web and cannot find anything other than the original catalog ad. I could really use a copy of the manual or schematic for the compressor/expander if anyone has one? A copy of the manual for the 215 would also be nice since the schematic does not show any transistor numbers?
    I am glad someone has recognized these “diamonds in the rough” and has given proper consideration for a website dedicated for SWTPC suff! It’s almost like going back in time to revisit our yout – what’s a yout?

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