Beware those who enter the realm…

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  1. Gary Henry says:

    I am in southeastern Michigan and have a 215 A power amp and a 198A preamp. They currently are not working but I doubt it is anything too serious. Some guidance would be welcome. Or if there is someone reasonably nearby I would consider bringing them. They have a ton of sentimental value to me as my dad built them for me. He imparted his love of hifi gear and music on me as well.

  2. Anton says:

    Let us know some specifics when you get more into them. Kurt and I are soon going to attempt to resurrect a lightning damaged 215A, so we have been trying to gather parts and information. We finally obtained the parts list (most of it anyway) for the 215. When we get into it I’ll probably do a YouTube video about it on my channel, “Hill’s Workbench”.

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