Thank You!

Thanks to Chuck for his contribution of 198/a preamp docs! Stay tuned for the posting.

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2 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Gary Baebler says:

    I bow to you my friend. Hope the web page above doesn’t seem like I’m trying to sell you something. I still have my preamp and my .01s. I haven’t changed the caps yet but everything still works. I pulled the power transformers and shipped them separately on my move to Hawaii. Somehow I miss-wired one of them and blew the outputs. I found that Mouser still has some and even matched pairs. I’m tempted to build the Tigersaurus.

    • pacazo says:

      It is worth the restore. The .01 units are the best sounding of the tigers, my opinion anyhow. My 215 units suffered a lightning strike years ago and I am just getting to them now. Let me know how you do with your .01 units.

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