198/A Preamp

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  1. Sam Felton says:

    Thanks for establishing this site. I built (but have since sold) a 198/A and a 215 – they were the first in a continuing line down to today of amps/preamps that I built myself.

    Interestingly enough, when I bought the 198/A, it came with two full sets of 195 pre-amp daughter cards and all their parts. I built all four, but in moving out of my parents’ house to go to college, I left the two spare 195s behind. I got them back when my mom sold the house after Dad’s passing, but I no longer had the schematics for them, since I had sold the original units with all the docs.

    Your very cool site includes the schematics for a version of the 195, but I noticed that they must be a different rev, because my 195’s only have a single-ended front end (only 7 of the 8 transistors are present). I think I have what has been called in some places the “195A” version of the pre-amp card.

    Hopefully some kind soul with a schematic and spec for these cards will come along and donate them to your site – otherwise, I’ll have to ring-out the schematic myself. I want to use these cards for a phono pre-amp to feed my B&K Components PT-3 line-level switcher. I’ve been without a phono input for too long, my vinyl is getting lonely.

    Anywhoo, thanks again.

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