PDF – 215 Assembly Manual


The 215 was rated at 25 watts each channel and was a stereo amp.

PDF – 215 Assembly Manual

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  1. Antonm says:

    Just wondering how you poor lightning damaged unit is progressing and hoping the substitutions I came up with worked out well. I should probably do a similar search on the outputs though I know we already got the TIP3055/2955 which are a little tougher than the originals, which I think were MJE3055/2955. The thing is, that the 3055 series of transistors were never designed to be audio transistors though many amps used the 2n3055 for outputs because they were cheap and available. The 2N3055 was meant for power supply use and doesn’t have excellent linearity. Probably the main reason this unit doesn’t quite make the distortion ratings of the 207A.

    • Antonm says:

      Correction, meant to say the xx3055s were intended for general purpose switching. Their strength is a low saturation voltage drop Vce.

  2. Antonm says:

    TIP 35 and TIP 36 might be good alternatives for outputs, but would need to check deeper to see if they would actually be any better than the TIP 3055 and 2955.

    • pacazo says:

      Thanks – actually got the boards laid out and had to shelve the project. I think I’ll start with what I’ve got first. I’ll have to find a couple hours to solder everything up. I may be seeking a little more “adult supervision” before I fryer – I mean fire everthing up.

  3. Antonm says:

    Can you post the parts list for this amp too?

  4. Mike Robbins says:

    I have complete copies of schematics and parts lists for the 215A

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