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  1. mrjay says:

    So glad to have been told about this site, my son and his friends cooked 2 resistors in one of mine due to massive overdrive (i believe, i was not there for the incident) but they had 3 dj mixers aka preamps hooked up to the computer all boosted to +12 db in series to “get more bass” 🙁 hopefully now i can fix it

  2. Jeff Slabaugh says:

    I have what appears to be a complete manual for a Tigersaurus. Anyone want it?

  3. Sir. Great work Yoy mage made with this homepage. Please let me remark, that there is an error on the first schematic, the schematic from the magazine! The point G in a circle, should be connected not to the top of R28, 47 Ohm 2Watt, but at the connection point between the 2 47 Ohm resistors, lover end of R28. The PCB layout is all-right.

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